Awakened States

Artivisim, like activism,
is often a scream tuned in a dream
showing all that we crave,
on canvas and stage,
forged through the brave,
the awakened.

© Reneé Marie


01 about

Artist’s Statement


I'm an artist, poet and retired Army Peace Warrior.

I find that art is everywhere as discarded relics of life, as yet, unassembled.

I pick stuff up, bring stuff home, listen, sort, play, commit.

I often gift art to raise funds and awareness for community programs.

I often sell art to recover the cost of materials.


02 portfolio

SOLD, April 2018, Kaneko Gallery, American River College, Sacramento, CA


04 contact

Tel: 916-969-8957

Sacramento, CA 95819

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~ © 2.24.18 by Reneé Marie ~

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